Writing patchwriting and plagiarism check

Academic and Graduation 1. A certificate is generally a 30 credit program that takes months of full-time studies to complete. A diploma is generally a 60 credit program that takes two years of full-time studies to complete. It is made up of approximately credits and takes four years of full-time studies to complete.

Writing patchwriting and plagiarism check

writing patchwriting and plagiarism check

Sometimes students plagiarize due to laziness or stress. After not allowing themselves time to write a strong paper, students cut and paste material from sources writing patchwriting and plagiarism check using quotation marks or in-text citation.

In these cases, most students know very well that they have plagiarized and are usually not surprised when they receive a zero. Occasionally, however, students plagiarize unintentionally.

A few are aghast when they see their papers: Since the result in all these cases is the same a zero on the assignment and possible failure in the class or other disciplinary actionit is very important that you familiarize yourself with standards of academic integrity.

Plagiarism is failure to cite the source of any idea you did not come up with independently. Unintentional plagiarism happens frequently under the two following circumstances: Students are sloppy when doing the original research and citation and forget where they found their information and what, exactly, came from outside sources.

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How you approach the citation will depend on this question: How much does your idea differ from the idea in the source? If, after reading, your idea on the subject is now identical with that of the source writer, you will cite the idea more or less thus: Agreeing with a source is fine to do sometimes, especially if you use a large number of sources in your paper, but remember that your paper thesis must still be original in some way.

For better models than the template above, take a look at the introduction of any journal article or scholarly book you admire. Most will follow a similar structure.

Doing so will lead your readers to new ideas and may spur them on to new research. Why is proper citation important?

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Citation shows respect and gratefulness to the person who actually did the work. Citation helps readers who want to know more about your topic. Citation leads to better thinking ; proper citation forces writers to consider how their ideas build on or differ from what has been said before.

When you cite your sources, your readers know that you have educated yourself about the topic and are more likely to trust you. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule: This writer is lazy. However, if you do use low-quality sources, not citing them is even worse. This writer is lazy [or partisan] AND dishonest.

However, the most common instances of plagiarism that I see in my classes are people lifting words and phrases from their source without putting them in quotation marks. Again, in most cases the student knew better and was unsurprised to receive a zero on the assignment. But it is possible to make this mistake unintentionally.

Here are some ways that a student might plagiarize accidentally still receiving a zero on the assignment: During the semester, a student copied down notes in her reading notebook from online sites.

However, she was not careful to put the language in quotation marks, nor did she copy down the citation information for each of the sources.

Patchwriting as a Technique | Beyond Plagiarism:

When she took the final exam, she had forgotten which words were hers and which belonged to the writer on the site.

Consequently, she used some words and phrases that were not her own and received a zero on the essay. When doing initial research, a student looked at many different online sites, clicking on links and opening new tabs and windows.

During a presentation, some students were not careful to mention their sources or the fact that they were quoting out loud, and they did not put the citation information in their PowerPoint or a handout. This led to a double plagiarism problem: How can I avoid the mistakes above?

Students who use these are by far the most likely to have a plagiarism problem, and the worst of it is, the parts that they plagiarize are often the least interesting parts of their essays. Homework help sites offer unoriginal canned interpretation of texts.

Paraphrase Attempt 1:

If you are confused about what a poem or other text means, it is much better to ask about it before, during, or after class, or to discuss it with an ethical classmate.A certificate is generally a 30 credit program that takes months of full-time studies to complete.

Some of KPU's certificate programs also allow students to progress into diploma and degree programs. A diploma is generally a 60 credit program that takes two years of full-time studies to complete.. A Baccalaureate (or Bachelor's) degree .

Highlights Both student participants seemed to understand the university's plagiarism policy. Both relied on web sources and used secondary citations as primary citations. Evidence of patchwriting was clear in both students’ texts. The instructor detected textual borrowing in only one student's text.

At the very least, patchwriting is bad writing, she said. And that might be the strongest reason that newsroom editors would object to it, although I concede that not all editors would object. Writers and Editors, linking writers and editors to resources (including each other), markets, clients, and fans; maintained by Pat McNees, writer, personal and organizational historian, journalist, editor.

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Patchwriting Writers often refer to other texts through paraphrasing; when a text is paraphrased, it is re-written in the writer's own words and proper references are given. If the paraphrasing is not done in a proper fashion, but resembles the source text (that is, the text on which it is based) too much, the risk of patchwriting occurs.

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