Write a letter as benedict arnold

Benedict Arnold wrote to his old friend Silas Deane from his camp outside Quebec City, mostly to complain about the hunger and disease his men were suffering.

Write a letter as benedict arnold

write a letter as benedict arnold

Arnold was a descendant of John Lothropp through his maternal grandmother, an ancestor of six presidents. He was enrolled in a private school write a letter as benedict arnold nearby Canterbury, Connecticut when he was 10, with the expectation that he would eventually attend Yale University.

However, the deaths of his siblings two years later may have contributed to a decline in the family fortunes, since his father took up drinking.

By the time that he was 14, there was no money for private education. His father was arrested on several occasions for public drunkenness, was refused communion by his church, and died in The French had besieged Fort William Henry in northeastern New York, and their Indian allies had committed atrocities after their victory.

Inhe repaid money that he had borrowed from the Lathrops, [16] repurchased the family homestead that his father had sold when deeply in debt, and re-sold it a year later for a substantial profit.

Inhe formed a partnership with Adam Babcock, another young New Haven merchant. They bought three trading ships, using the profits from the sale of his homestead, and established a lucrative West Indies trade. During this time, Arnold brought his sister Hannah to New Haven and established her in his apothecary to manage the business in his absence.

He traveled extensively in the course of his business throughout New England and from Quebec to the West Indies, often in command of one of his own ships. Arnold was convicted of disorderly conduct and fined the relatively small amount of 50 shillings; publicity of the case and widespread sympathy for his view probably contributed to the light sentence.

Arnold benefited from his relationship with Mansfield, who became a partner in his business and used his position as sheriff to shield him from creditors. Military career of Benedict Arnold, — Siege of Boston and Fort Ticonderoga Arnold began the war as a captain in the Connecticut Colony militia, a position to which he was elected in March His company marched northeast the following month to assist in the siege of Boston that followed the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

He proposed an action to the Massachusetts Committee of Safety to seize Fort Ticonderoga in New Yorkwhich he knew was poorly defended.

A Connecticut militia force arrived at Ticonderoga in June; Arnold had a dispute with its commander over control of the fort, and resigned his Massachusetts commission.

He was on his way home from Ticonderoga when he learned that his wife had died earlier in June. Quebec Campaign The Second Continental Congress authorized an invasion of Quebecin part on the urging of Arnold—but he was passed over for command of the expedition. He then went to Cambridge, Massachusetts and suggested to George Washington a second expedition to attack Quebec City via a wilderness route through Maine.

He arrived before Quebec City in November, after a difficult passage in which men turned back and another died en route. Arnold was promoted to brigadier general for his role in reaching Quebec, and he maintained an ineffectual siege of the city until he was replaced by Major General David Wooster in April He presided over the rear of the Continental Army during its retreat from Saint-Jean, where he was reported by James Wilkinson to be the last person to leave before the British arrived.

He then directed the construction of a fleet to defend Lake Champlain, which was overmatched and defeated in the October Battle of Valcour Island. However, his actions at Saint-Jean and Valcour Island played a notable role in delaying the British advance against Ticonderoga until Military career of Benedict Arnold, —79 General Horatio Gates led the forces at Saratoga; portrait by Gilbert Stuart—94 General Washington assigned Arnold to the defense of Rhode Island following the British seizure of Newport in Decemberwhere the militia were too poorly equipped to even consider an attack on the British.

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Washington refused his offer to resign, and wrote to members of Congress in an attempt to correct this, noting that "two or three other very good officers" might be lost if they persisted in making politically motivated promotions.

He led a small contingent of militia attempting to stop or slow the British return to the coast in the Battle of Ridgefieldand was again wounded in his left leg.

He then continued on to Philadelphia where he met with members of Congress about his rank. His action at Ridgefield, coupled with the death of Wooster due to wounds sustained in the action, resulted in his promotion to major general, although his seniority was not restored over those who had been promoted before him.

Washington refused his resignation and ordered him north to assist with the defense there. On August 13, Schuyler dispatched him with a force of to relieve the siege of Fort Stanwixwhere he succeeded in a ruse to lift the siege.Benedict Arnold was a weathered warrior whose war wounds caused him to walk with a cane.

And he was a widower with three children.

Benedict Arnold's love letters

He had already attained the rank of . John André sent this letter to Benedict Arnold through his agent Joseph Stansbury.

The letter instructed Arnold in the types of information to gather for the British and the ways to relay this information secretly. Benedict Arnold () Benedict Arnold was a successful military leader early in his career, but his treasonous relationship with the British in the American Revolution marks him as an infamous traitor to the American cause.

Benedict Arnold is pretty fascinating, I read a biography on him and I could barely put it down. So good! And what made it all teh better was Hamilton and Lafayette were there with Washington, but in reality they had to chase Arnold, but he got away, and they came back to find Mrs.

Peggy Shippen-Arnold putting on her performance. This letter from Thomas Paine to Nathanael Greene discusses the treason of Benedict Arnold and the I have not patience enough to write a letter twice over so except it as it is.

Benedict Arnold, John Andre, Nathaneal Greene, Traitor, Spy, Common Sense, Crisis, Plain Truth, Pamphlet, Southern Campaign, Theater, Department, American. The Time Trial of Benedict Arnold National Museum of American History 1 The Time Trial of Benedict Arnold. Purpose. • Have students write a letter from a friend of Benedict Arnold to Arnold explaini ng why s/he does or does not support his actions.


John André sent this letter to Benedict Arnold through his agent Joseph Stansbury. The letter instructed Arnold in the types of information to gather for the British and the ways to relay this information secretly. Benedict Arnold next wrote a series of letters to Clinton, even before he might have expected a response to the July 7 letter. In a July 11 letter, he complained that the British did not appear to trust him, and threatened to break off negotiations unless progress was ashio-midori.com: Major General (Continental Army), Brigadier General (British Army). Description. This letter from Thomas Paine to Nathanael Greene discusses the treason of Benedict Arnold and the British spy John Andre, who he says was not able to escape even though he was on horseback and the three Americans on foot.
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