William and mary honors thesis international relations

Edwards-Thro was inspired by her grandfather, who also spoke five languages.

William and mary honors thesis international relations

World Prehistory This course outlines the major events in human cultural and social evolution and includes a brief presentation of general archaeological methods and objectives.

Students will evaluate how our understanding of evolution and biodiversity has changed over time, as has the philosophy of science. Finally, students will explore several of the great museums in the London area that were pivotal to these developments.

Fulfills Liberal Studies Natural Science requirement. Emphasis is on public and regulatory law and on the social, political, and ethical aspects of legal issues in business. Subjects include the nature of law and legal process, administrative law, business and the Constitution, statutory and common law, and related topics.

Topics may include electoral systems, parliamentary systems, causes of political change, democratization, political culture, ideologies, and economic and social policy. Examples are drawn from Western democracies and developing countries. This course will explore the tension between State power and individual liberty in a comparative context.

The British Library to examine the Magna Carta, The Tate Modern to explore politics and rebellion in art, The Tower of London to consider abuses of state power, The Houses of Lords and Commons to understand representative institutions, a Tour of White Chapel to explore the impact of immigration and global economies on identity, and The Imperial War Museum to examine state conflict with other states.

London is one of the top 3 global fashion capitals and we will use it as our laboratory for exploration. However, this course will challenge that idea by situating London as an important geography to the long literary history of the African Diaspora.

Did you know that Phillis Wheatley, the first African American woman to publish a book, was first published in London? Or, that the first slave narrative detailed the Middle Passage?

Together we will read the poetry of Wheatley, excerpts from the slave narrative of Equiano, and a novel by Zadie Smith. In so doing, we will not be bound to the traditional classroom.

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The course will include a guided walking tour about the history of black London, and we will visit Trafalgar Square, Soho, and Notting Hill from a very different perspective than the average tourist.

Since the West End is within walking distance of the Study Center, we will also see the famed Palladium theater, the place Josephine Baker once wowed crowds.

Modernist London, England and the First World War London today will be our principle textbook as we explore and study the literary and cultural vortex of "Modern" London on or about the end of First World War.

After London, students will complete a researched cognitive map of some of these fragments London in which they will document, analyze and re-interpret their missions, the textual or contextual artifacts of modernism studied during the course.

We'll be reading Virginia Woolf, C. James, some cornerstones of experiences of Literary London from before the 20th c, some First World War literature, mainstream and modernist classics of the period as well as studying other interesting art and culture relevant to the modernist vortex and legacies in the century to follow.

There will be living lectures: Eliot's Waste Land Walk of Londons modern ruins ; and sessions on memorializing and monuments. Through weekly film screenings, class discussion, and hands-on production exercises, students develop and practice skills to help them compare and interpret films representing a variety of genres, aesthetic traditions, and cultural contexts.

Emphasizes financial planning, cash and credit management, managing expenditures, income and asset protection, investment planning, and retirement and estate planning.

For nonbusiness majors only. Credit not allowed for business majors. Sketching the City In this course, you will discover an awareness of and an appreciation for the strong design input, inventiveness, and sense of style exhibited in the design, architecture, and planning of the spaces and places that define London by recording its visual richness through sketching and drawing.

You will learn quick sketch techniques to visually facilitate documenting your study abroad experience and understand how graphically recording a journey can significantly impact your recollection of moments and memories. In addition to the London Program's broad curriculum excursions, this class also includes on-site lectures and daytrips to visit world-class art museums and galleries as well as the renowned architecture and interiors that are London.

There will be required drawing materials for this class which are easily transportable overseas and can also be purchased on site.

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You will have the opportunity to consider ethical concerns related to social welfare service delivery and contemplate the policy decision-making process. We will consider poverty and inequality within moral, ethical, and social justice frameworks and consider our rights and responsibilities as citizens in an increasingly global society.

Fulfills Liberal Studies Ethics requirement.When we gathered in February for a retreat, we discerned six core values that define our mission and vision as a congregation. We discerned these values in a context of prayer, worship, and study. Japanese central court believed that the conventional international order of East Asian cultural sphere collapsed with the Ming-China under the Manchu iron heels.

*new thesis: the inversion of Hua (civilized)-Yi (barbarian) relations between Qing-China and Japan signaled the origin of Japanese ethnocentrism. The following Honors projects have been approved for the academic year.

This information will be updated as Honors Committees are appointed for each student.

William and mary honors thesis international relations

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