Threat of new entrant in apple

Also, there is the threat consumers will choose a different company, whether it is a new entrant in the industry or a substitute product, is important. The competitive force of new entrants is especially pronounced in the consumer technology industry, where a product is only as good as the next big thing. Being cool is as important as remaining relevant, and trends spread like wildfire.

Threat of new entrant in apple

BusinessFive Forces Apple Inc. Porter developed this model in and since then it has come to be widely used to analyse the profitability and attractiveness of industries. The focus of the model is on five important forces that are a part of every industry and market. These competitive forces can be affected or exploited to increase profitability.

Mangers can form strategies based on the strength of these forces to improve the profitability of their businesses.

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It is also one of the most valuable brands in the world. Apple has been through several ups and downs since its foundation.

In the past several years it has released products that are known exclusively for excellent design and quality. The fundamental focus of Apple is innovation which has driven its growth and success. The five forces that can affect the competition and profitability of Apple are: Bargaining power of suppliers: Apple has managed a complex chain of suppliers that are spread globally over several nations including US, China, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and several other small and big nations.

Apart from that Apple products are not developed entirely by any single supplier. While one part may be supplied by a supplier in Taiwan, another by a Brazilian or the Japanese supplier and the final assembly may be completed in China. In this way, Apple also maintains excellent control over its suppliers.

While the switching costs may be very low for Apple, in case of the suppliers, they would not like losing their business with it. There is no threat of forward integration by the suppliers either.

Bargaining Power of Customers: While the bargaining power of individual customers in the case of Apple or its competitors is low, it is not so in the case of customer groups or markets.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Is the Biggest Porter Force On Its Supply Chain: BAML

For example in the last few years Apple has lost a huge market share in the Asian markets in PC industry to competitors like Lenovo.

So, when considering the collective bargaining power of the customers in individual markets, it is high. Still, over time while in the world market, the clout of customers has increased, that of Apple has reduced.

Threat of new entrant in apple

One important factor that has worked in the favor of Apple is brand loyalty which has led to high Iphone sales. So, the bargaining power of buyers can be considered as weak to moderate. Threat of New Entrants: If the threat of new entrants has remained relatively weak for Apple, then it is primarily due to two factors.

Still, the threat comes from the existing players.


For example, Google has introduced its smartphones that can be good options for the customers who cannot afford Apple products. While Apple products are unique and innovative, they are premium priced.

Apple Inc. Five Forces Analysis (Porter’s Model) - Panmore Institute

This is where Google and Lenovo have been able to take away market share from Apple. So, while the threat of new entrants in Laptops and smartphone market is low, existing tech giants can diversify into these areas.

Threat of new entrant in apple

Even Amazon offers competing products like Kindle and had introduced its Fire smartphone which could not be a big success.Apr 10,  · Piecyk’s new fiscal EPS estimate is $ (down from $ and the Street’s $) and his fiscal EPS is $ (down from $ and the Street’s $).

Threat of New Entrants - Low There is a very low possibility for a competitor to enter the market that Apple is in. The entry barriers are the competitive advantages mentioned before as well as the loyalty that the customers have towards Apple.

Apple tells feds ‘new entrants’ to auto industry should get same testing rights as incumbents Jordan Novet @jordannovet December 2, PM Above: The Apple Store in San Francisco's Union.

Thus, Porters threat of new entrants definition revolutionized the way people look at competition in an industry. Threat of New Entrants Explanation The threat of new entrants Porter created affects the competitive environment for the existing competitors and influences the ability of existing firms to achieve profitability.

Threat of New Entrant The threat of new entrant was very minimal due to high cost and challenge for brand recognition. When Android and Google made their first appearance, Apple faced intense competition from mobile manufacturers and their android based devices. However, for smaller companies, the cost of capital is too high to establish .

Analyzing Apple's Threat of New Entrants (AAPL) Analyzing Apple's Threat of Substitutes (AAPL) Understanding the competitive forces within an industry can be as simple as looking at five factors.

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