Thesis eventos sociais

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Thesis eventos sociais

The phenomenon of religion continues to play a prominent role in human and social relations. Comprehending its role is of utmost importance for understanding the history and the full range of human activities, including recent world conflicts.

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This fact opens a path for scholars and specialists of religion, in all its multiple dimensions. The Science of Religion is a field of knowledge that embraces religion, systematically investigating all its manifestations, and without questioning its theological validity.

Its methodological principle envisions religions as systems of meaning with common points that make them amenable to investigation. As cultural universes, religions represent the senses and meanings created by humans in the relationships established with the world, with others and with themselves.

As a result, understanding the religious cultural universe enables us to comprehend the human in it.

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Discussion of the religious field has focused increasingly on its interrelations with economics, politics, the human mind and social relations of exclusion and inclusion. Several issues are essential to the study of religion in 20th-century Brazil: Pluralism is now the main characteristic of the Brazilian religious field.

This landscape is a diverse and rich field of investigation. A religious landscape as rich and diverse as that found in Brazil calls for study. Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Medicine, History and other fields include religion in their long lists of subject matters, but they cannot individually provide a broad view of religious phenomena.

It is necessary to gather researchers who study the same object: This insight led to the creation of Science of Religion programs in Brazil: Only cooperation among the many disciplines that investigate religious phenomena can provide a broader, more scientific view of religion.

Goals of the Program The goals of the program are: The program is organized in two areas of concentration: The heart of the Program is the cohort of graduate students, of different academic backgrounds, all interested in the study of religion.

This multidisciplinary mix contributes to the construction of a complex and polyphonic perspective. The Post-Graduate Program of Studies in Science of Religion at PUC-SP aims to become a national reference-point in its field, with teaching and research on par with foreign institutions, active at the most advanced international level of intellectual production and debates.

One of the main goals and strengths of the Program is its increasing focus on the Applied Science of Religion. Society needs professionals who are prepared—by their training in the Science of Religion—to deal with the many religious phenomena that have real impacts in the world.

We have undertaken efforts so the discussion gets more consistent and we can broaden our researches towards this direction. We have no doubts that such fact will reflect, among other results, a richer, more qualified insertion of our egresses.

Thesis eventos sociais

This dimension of the applied Science of Religion also points out to the increasing concern on the unfolding of the professional careers of our egresses.

Our goal, in this sense, is to create tools to follow up the professional insertion of the majored students of our Program. Another goal of the Program is to improve channels of scientific promotion that also stimulates the academic debate, mainly through the growth of our academic magazines.

The Program is responsible for two specialized publications: Fields of action in Science of Religion The master or doctor majored by the Program of Post-Graduate Studies of Science of Religion is qualified to have a career as a researcher or teacher in the area, in graduation and post-graduation courses, in research and statistic institutes, being able to offer their knowledge to related areas such as theology graduation courseshistory, international relations diplomacyjournalism and education mainly to form teachers for the religious education.

Besides that, the consultancy of the scientist of religion has been increasingly requested in NGOs dedicated to social promotion and the inter-religious dialog, in companies and services focused in religious tourism and the likes. You can subscribe or unsubscribe any time you want.

For that, just click on one of the options bellow. En tanto que universos culturales, las religiones representan los sentidos y los significados creados por el hombre en las relaciones que establece con el mundo, con los otros y consigo mismo. Objetivos del Programa Los objetivos del Programa son: El Programa es responsable por dos publicaciones especializadas:Um Debate sobre a Tecnociência: neutralidade da ciência e determinismo tecnológicoRenato Dagnino 1.

INTRODUÇÃO. Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management V. 1, n. 2, Jul.

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