The crucible and the extra scene

There are several additions and variances in the movie. First of all, the scene where the children and Tituba are dancing in the forest is never seen in the forest; we simply learn of it from dialogue. This scene was most probably added in the movie for a dramatic effect:

The crucible and the extra scene

Apart from the official photographer, there is a strict no-cameras policy at Camp. After registration I unpacked my gear into the Littles Cabin, cabin ABCD — four cabins surrounding a central bathroom and entryway in one wooden building.

The beds are boxsprings and plastic-lined double-size mattresses on frames, six or seven to a room. We pushed our beds together and put a queen size air mattress on top.

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The cabins are fairly rustic, mesh windows, flappy wooden doors, wooden floors, ceiling fans, no heat or AC but they have electricity and the bathrooms were fine, although two showers for twenty people was a little busy some mornings. The cabin assignments are arranged beforehand on the Camp website, and you can invite people to your cabin or have an open invite cabin like we did.

Everyone in there was at least comfortable with seeing people in diapers, that was about the only rule. Roaming the grounds on the paved paths are golf cart taxis to take you anywhere you want on the grounds.

There is little or no reason to leave the campgrounds once camp has started. Your entry fee pays for your bed and all meals and drinks. The food was decent, and in some cases quite good, your basic chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, etc.

Drinks are free, walk up to HQ and request a soda or water anytime you want. The chores are fun, not odious in any way and you get a good chance to meet people. The base fee is a bit cheaper if you bring a tent and camp on the lawn wherever you like.

Who built the Crucible? : masseffect

Walking around naked is fine. Vanilla sexy time out in the open is totally fine. Stuff I saw other people doing while at camp: I saw someone getting whipped with a riding crop. I also saw someone getting wrapped up in a cocoon of saran wrap against the leg of a playground slide. That was just on one random day, and stuff that I noticed.

In our section of the Littles Cabin was: Chrissy, an older male AB, had brought a SLEW of dresses and three big high chairs, one of which got used at mealtimes in the dining area. Not by me though — they were cool but would have been a trifle too small for me.

Baby Ella is a supercute AB girl in her mid twenties, and Thumper is a furry-ish guy with an interest in petplay among other things.

Baby Richard seemed almost like the mascot of camp, or the representative little, any time there was a comedy sketch that required a baby character he was there, he was the ring bearer at a real at-camp wedding, you name it.

He is quick with a joke and is always in a sunny cub mode. The Leatherhearts is an informal family type organization run by Uncle Ed, who was kind enough to induct Patrick and Mako and me as the first littles in his large leather family — i was quite honored to be invited to join.

I was in shortalls, Abenas and a onesie at this point, I was in some form of cub rig or naked pretty much for the rest of camp. Thursday was also Casino Night so there was some fun games of blackjack and poker and roulette for camp money, a form of scrip that could be used for the slave auction on Saturday.

Bedtime was a little after midnight, and the next morning after a little more fooling aroundit was time for the box fort. We scavenged some fridge boxes from various places, got some rivets, some housepaint in primary colors, and I ordered 75 cardboard sheets from ULine for delivery at camp.

Past campers saying what they loved best about Camp Crucible

The fort was promptly christened Fort Awesome — a 20 foot square enclosure with an entrance tunnel and a secret door and brightly colored walls with painted handprints. It was architected and engineered by Mako and I originally, but Foxchild especially and almost every one of the littles helped out at some point — from helping with painting to slapping on handprints to cutting out shapes in the walls to help wind resistance.

It was truly a team effort and looked fantastic when it was done. Unfortunately just as we were putting the finishing touches on it is when it started to rain. I had terrible visions of it collapsing or getting soaked and unusable, but it held up and saw quite a bit of use over the course of camp, also acting as a great landmark, even if it needed help when the wind caught it.Some of these differences are the scene in the woods at the beginning of the play, the extra scene with Abigail and Proctor, the movies favoring of Proctor, and the better explanation of Abigail.

At the beginning of the movie you see the scene where all the girls are in the woods and are chanting and dancing. The Crucible / Characters / Abigail Williams ; (This is extra-horrible when you think about the fact that Abigail is the one who persuaded Tituba to go out and cast the spells.) Ever since Abigail's brief affair with John Proctor, she's been out to get his wife, Elizabeth.

Our crafty villain convinced Tituba to put a curse on Elizabeth.

The crucible and the extra scene

Mary Warren's Monologue from The Crucible including context, text and video example. Edited by Anne Flinders, dramaturg. The Crucible is a play by the American playwright Arthur Miller. It was initially called “The Chronicles of Sarah Good”. It is a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the Province of .

Statement of intention This creative writing piece is in the form of an additional scene to Arthur Millers The scene takes place two months after the end of the Salem witch trials.

The crucible and the extra scene

It is a conversation between Mr Hale and Elizabeth Proctor. In , a film of The Crucible starring Daniel-Day Lewis and Winona Ryder opened. Miller spent much of working on the screenplay to the film. Miller spent .

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