Signora da vinci

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Signora da vinci

Santa Croce church is the Westminster Abbey of Florence: This big ol' barn of a Franciscan church on Florence's western edge is a shrine of great 14th-century frescoes by the likes of Giotto, the cloisters are home to Brunelleschi's Cappella de' Pazzi, the convent partially given over to a famous leather school, and the church itself serves as the Westminster Abbey of the Renaissance, scatterd with the often monumental tombs of such Florentine notabels as Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, and more.

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Also like Westminster, Santa Croce now scandalously charges an admission fee. The church of Santa Croce The center of the Florentine Franciscan universe was begun in by Gothic master Arnolfo di Cambio in order to Signora da vinci the huge church of Santa Maria Novella being raised by the Dominicans across the city.

Signora da vinci

The church wasn't completed and consecrated untiland even then it remained faceless until the neo-Gothic facade was added in and cleaned in — Santa Croce's famous tombs, graves, and funerary memorials The tomb of Michelangelo.

The Gothic interior is wide and gaping, with huge pointed stone arches creating the aisles and an echoing nave trussed with wood beams, in all feeling vaguely barnlike an analogy the occasional fluttering pigeon only enforces.

The floor is paved with worn tombstones—because being buried in this hallowed sanctuary got you one step closer to Heaven, the richest families of the day paid big bucks to stake out small rectangles of the floor. On the right aisle is the first tomb of note, a mad Vasari contraption containing the bones of the most venerated of Renaissance masters, Michelangelo Buonarroti, who died of a fever in Rome in at the ripe age of The pope wanted him buried in the Eternal City, but Florentines managed to sneak his body back to Florence.

Past Michelangelo is a pompous 19th-century cenotaph to Florentine Dante Alighieri, one of history's greatest poets, whose Divine Comedy codified the Italian language.

He died in in Ravenna after a long and bitter life in exile from his hometown on trumped-up embezzlement chargesand that Adriatic city has never seen fit to return the bones to Florence, the city that would never readmit the poet when he was alive. Against a nave pillar farther up is an elaborate pulpit —76 carved by Benedetto di Maiano with scenes from the life of St.

That a good ruler sometimes has to be sneaky, even mean. Past the next altar is an Annunciation carved in low relief of pietra serena and gilded by Donatello. If you were wondering, Donatello is one notable artist not interred here; he is buried by his patrons, the Medici, in San Lorenzo.

Nearby is Antonio Rossellino's tomb of the great humanist scholar and city chancellor Leonardo Bruni d. Beyond this architectural masterpiece of a tomb is a 19th-century knockoff honoring the remains of Gioacchino Rossini —composer of the Barber of Seville and the William Tell Overture, a.

The frescoed chapels of the transept The Baroncelli Chapel at the end of the right transept of Santa Croce is covered with frescoes of Stories of the Virgin Mary —38 by Taddeo Gaddi. The frescoes depict scenes from the Life of the Virgin, and to the left of the window is an Angel Appearing to the Shepherds that constitutes the first night scene in Italian fresco.

Gaddi also designed the stained glass windows. The altarpiece Coronation of the Virgin is either by Gaddi himself, or perhaps even by his much more famous master, Giotto.

To the left of this chapel is a doorway, designed by Michelozzo, leading to the sagrestia sacristy past a huge Deposition by Alessandro Allori that had to be restored after it incurred massive water damage when the church was inundated during the flood.

The leather school Past the sacristy's gift shop is a famed leather school and store—a bit pricey, but of very high quality www. You can ask the workers to emboss your purchase—say, a wallet—with initials or a name in gold leaf. Somewhere in a drawer, I still have a small leather change purse with my initials and the Lily of Florence in gold that I bought when I was The Giotto chapels Giotto's Death of St.

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Francis fresco in the Bardi Chapel. Back in the right transept, the two chapels to the right of the high altar were frescoed by the great Giottoa former shepherd who became the forefather of the Renaissance in the early 14th century when he broke painting out of its static Byzantine mold and infused it with life, movement, depth, and emotion.

The many references to antiquity in the styling and architecture of the frescoes reflect Giotto's trip to Rome and its ruins. His assistant Taddeo Gaddi did the altarpiece. The key panels here include the Trial by Fire Before the Sultan of Egypt on the right wall, full of telling subtlety in the expressions and poses of the figures.Bert Christensen's Cyberspace Home.

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Signora da vinci

Benvenuti su Benvenuti su, il forum sulla Juventus più grande della rete. Per poter partecipare attivamente alla vita del forum è necessario registrarsi. Historique. Des fouilles archéologiques ont mis au jour d'importantes traces d'habitations néolithique, romaines et médiévales à cet endroit.

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