Sat essay questions 2012

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Sat essay questions 2012

Easier Also shown in the table is the variation in your math score on the different tests, given that you had gotten two questions wrong. I chose to list scores corresponding to two wrong in order to show the maximum variation in scores due to variations in test difficulty.

Scores closer to the national averages will vary less than those shown in the table. The SAT curve will adjust your score up for harder tests and down for easier tests.

In this way, there is no benefit to having an easier test, and on the other hand, there is no downside to having a harder test. So, the answer to the question is: Don't worry about when the SAT is "easiest".

Sat essay questions 2012

Take the test in the month that best suits your study schedule. Whether you have time to study for the test or not is a much bigger factor in determining your score than variations in the difficulty of the test.

What is the SAT essay question for

The SAT "curve" generates a scaled score from your raw score the number of questions right minus a quarter point for each multiple-choice question wrong, rounded to the nearest integer. This curve is designed to correct for minor variations in the difficulty of the test.

In this way, there is no advantage to getting an easier test and no disadvantage to getting a harder test.

For example, suppose that on all the math sections, you get only 3 multiple-choice questions incorrect, and all the others correct. You will receive a raw math score of 50 the calculation is: The January test was a little easier than average, the May test was close to average, and the January test was harder than average.

Another way to look at it: A common myth about the SAT curve is that the average test taker should avoid a particular test month if a large group of strong students will be taking the SAT that month, and instead take the test when a large group of weaker students will take the test.

The incorrect assumption here is that the curve will push down the average student's score in the first situation large group of strong students and pull it up in the second situation large group of weak students.

The reality is that the curve only reflects the difficulty of that particular SAT, not the quality of students taking the test.

SAT Facts and FAQs

For example, suppose that in a particular month, a large group of strong students take the test. Even if they all get perfect s, your score will be the same as it was had they not taken the test. In the same way, a large group of weaker students taking the test will not affect your score.

For those really interested warning:Explore new SAT essay prompts and examples representative of what students will encounter on test day and illustrating the changes being made to the SAT Essay.

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*The number of questions may vary slightly depending on the form of the exam. Thequestions for Section II are printed in the orange Questions and Sources booklet. Sample SAT Essay [The opening paragraph presents an overview and introduction of the piece being examined; this includes a concise breakdown of key points that will later be further developed.] In modern society, many people overlook aspects of environmental conservation.

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