Project report on head&shoulders shampoo essay

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Project report on head&shoulders shampoo essay

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Hair Care Tips - Head & Shoulders India

This has also been a traditional product of an Indian house hold, which has been used traditionally as nourishment to the hair; various parts of India have been using various kinds of oils, depending upon the environment.

But the usually being restricted to coconut and mustard oil. Hair Oil industry has found their market here too, by segmenting there offerings on the basis of age and usage.

Project report on head&shoulders shampoo essay

The Oil industry has also added value to their products by introducing diverse offerings catering to needs like: Conditioner though new to the Indian culture, still the hair care industry has been able to create a market for conditioners in the urban customers.

Though this is supplementary when compared to shampoo and oil, still people use it for extra nourishment and smoothening of their hair.

People today, even without grey hairs, color, to follow the new trends in fashion. People are going in for coloring to change their natural hair color or to add color streaks. The color industry has though, kept their product portfolio segmented in this case, wherein they have separate products for men and other for women.

This product is mostly used by urban youth, to set and style their hair into different patterns. They, though not yet that popular in the market, provide an alternative to the hair gel. The advantage of these being that, one can use them after styling, to keep the style of hair in place.

Hair serum is a hair care solution which makes the hair shine and stops it from tangling. It protects the hair from the damages done by overexposure to the sun, hair styling products and chemical colors. Serums are used for various purposes like air smoothing, growth, conditioning, moisturizing, and hair fall and hair regrowth.

The major reason that came out is the availability of many new products in the same market. The monopoly that Head and Shoulders use to enjoy, when they were the only major player in the Anti-Dandruff shampoo category, is slowly withering away and a major caveat has been the competition.

Hence Head and Shoulder needs to refocus on their resent marketing strategy to retain their market. Also they need to reconsider their pricing strategy and think of introducing new products especially for the market using coloring products.

Our group surveyed the market for shampoos and hair oils and we had an overview of the market trends, the mentality of the consumers, the way the products are perceived by the consumers and so on.

Here are the few lessons that we came to understand from our market survey: A few youngsters do not use it for the stickiness of the oils. Shampoos are used by everyone. The reason being our survey was mostly concentrated in the urban areas. They believe it keeps the hair strong and give it essential nutrients.

Some of them can spend a lot for better quality and imported variety. Though people are not ready to compromise with quality, but the middle class section has a want for standard quality product at a cheaper price.

They experiment many products and choose the one that suits them best, rather than sticking to the same old variety.

A quality control inspector at the Beautiful Shampoo Company - Global Essay Writers

Quality is not determined by the manufacturer; rather it is dependent on how the consumers assume it to be.tags: annual report cover design, annual report cover design free download, annual report cover design ideas, annual report cover design inspiration, annual report. For example, Procter & Gamble just announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos that it has teamed up with us at TerraCycle and Suez, the largest waste management company in Europe, to source, develop and put out the first fully recyclable shampoo bottle made from up to 25% beach plastic for the world’s #1 shampoo brand, Head & Shoulders.

Marketing research – Place for Hair Shampoo Brand Essay We’d also like to express f thanks to the numerous shop-owners at T. Magna who helped us in conducting the survey.

And lastly we thank the various customers, buyers and consumers who readily provided us . Alberto VO5 Body & Bounce Volumizing Shampoo, 15 oz. Enriched with an exclusive 5 pro-vitamin complex to maximize volume, body, and shine! VO5’s extra body volumizing shampoo has shine enhancing nutrients, plus collagen to maximize body and bounce.

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Know hair care tips for dandruff free hair by Head and Shoulders India. Visit our official website for more details on how to get rid of dandruff with anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner.

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