My experience on celebrating the passover seders with my family and relatives

With it, I quoted a priest friend: Old Covenant Seder does not recognize Jesus as the expected Messiah. I grew up with a Jewish mother and a Christian father…I still like keeping some of our Jewish traditions alive, and teaching my kids about them as part of our history and heritage.

My experience on celebrating the passover seders with my family and relatives

Click to print Opens in new window Can I confess something? What will make our seder queer? Well, mostly the fact that two queer women are hosting it and almost all the attendees identify as queer.

8 Passover Activities to Do With Your Kids | My Kids' Adventures Our interfaith status is a subject that has been a private matter in our lives — something that we choose to navigate as a family in a way that works for us, regardless of what others think. My in-laws actually gave my husband their unsolicited blessing for him to convert to Judaism if he wanted to.
Jewish Press Spring was coming the long snowy cold winters were ending.
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I have blogged about our journey of learning about it over the years, but today, in this post, I want to share HOPE with you. It is a retelling of the historical account and filled with symbolism to remind the next generation of what God has done for His people.

Many of my queer Jewish friends I spoke to while writing this felt equal amounts of uncertainty. I met Emma when we both served on the Hillel board in college and she invited me to my very first queer seder the year I came out, so it was both surprising and relieving to hear that she had similar feelings around the queerness of her Passover celebration.

I agree that everything a queer person does is queer, if they want it to be, and also I agree that everything Emma does is queer, for the record. One more note before we begin! All of which is to say: I am also very nervous about all this, can you tell?!

Passover In very very short, the Passover story is an Exodus tale that takes place in ancient Egypt. That is literally the shortest version of the Haggadah the text used to tell the Passover story on the holiday that I can come up with — forgive me if it seems overly simplistic. What does a queer seder look like?

You light the candles, you play dreidel, you share community, etc. Passover can feel a little bit overwhelming because aside from not eating bread for eight days, the main celebration of the holiday happens at seder, which is either on the first night or on the first and second night of the holiday, depending on your Jewish heritage.

So to me, that feels a little bit like: Put an orange on your seder plate The seder plate sits on the seder table and holds five or six important items that hold symbolic meaning and are referenced throughout the meal. When I asked Emma if she had the orange on her seder plate she said yes.

My experience on celebrating the passover seders with my family and relatives

Learning that it was gay and that the gay roots of the story are often ignored makes an orange on the seder plate feel like a super radical choice to me. At the queer seder Emma organized through Keshetco-hosted, and invited me to in college, she and her co-host created a Haggadah, too.

The Haggadah was especially meaningful to me, because it reminded me that as queer Jews we have the ability to rewrite certain narratives in our religion that hurt us, and also write new traditions and truths to follow for years to come. But if creating your own Haggadah from scratch seems overwhelming, there are other ways you can queer your text up at your seder.

If you are attending a seder, you can ask the host if it would be okay to have a section of the meal reserved for attendees to bring up things the host may not have thought to include. As queers, and as queer Jews, we are literally recreating expectations and assumptions at all times.

Give yourself permission to do this with your seder. Invite folks who have never been to a seder My friend Keely told me she tries to host a seder every year, and she specifically likes to invite at least a couple of non-Jewish folks who have never been to a seder before.

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Emma also expressed a particular joy in introducing folks who have never experienced a seder before to the holiday. I love explaining the story.

I love getting drunk. I love trying to make it relevant to people who know nothing about the situation. I agree, and I would add that standing up to oppression is part of what it means to be Jewish.

I do truly think that by virtue of being a Jewish lesbian, when I celebrate Passover, it is a queer celebration. To my fellow Jewish queers out there: How do you celebrate Passover?

Does it feel queer to you?

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Tell me all about it.So just as the Jewish celebrate what God has done for their people and pass on this memory through the tradition of Passover, we know are attempting to do the same in teaching our children the solid foundation of our faith.

The Passover seder (literally, “order”) is probably the most celebrated and beloved of Jewish home rituals. Many Jews have cherished memories of past family times spent at a seder. It is believed that the obligation to tell the story of the Exodus was observed by Jews ever since the actual Exodus itself.

You might think that celebrating Passover is only appropriate in the Jewish tradition, but this holiday is the foundation upon which Easter stands. time, and interact with family, relatives, neighbors and strangers as we Passover Seders remain a joyous, festive celebration that refreshes our faith and reminds us of the goodness.

The Passover (Pesach) Seder. The most celebrated and beloved of Jewish home rituals. By MJL. You might also like The three fundamental patterns of the seder are the family, the individual, and the nation. to represent the bitter experience of the Hebrew slaves, haroset (a mixture of apples, nuts, raisins, spices, wine) symbolizing the.

Mar 28,  · I dreaded my family's Passover Seders — until I understood redemption. And I will do that by celebrating with all kinds of foods I won’t have to sell: leavened and unleavened. It's how I.

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Musings: Celebrating Passover with a Cuban twist. Celebrating Passover has always been an important part of my family’s life. Each year, as I sit down at the Seder table, I think about Jews.

What is a Messianic Passover and Why Do We Celebrate It