Before scheduling the interview, however, make sure you can answer this question: Of the 28 million small businesses in the U. The most successful small-business profiles are the ones that provide a takeaway for the reader, who might have entrepreneurial aspirations of his or her own.


Fukuoka, Japan Introduction My experience Mediabistro been quite varied, but not without purpose. A year into my professional writing career, I was promoted to the position of Senior Technical Editor for the Director???


It was there that I wrote speeches for the C-Suite, helped to create an organization-wide onboarding program, and figured out how to manage large projects Mediabistro a tight schedule. In my next role, I became the lead writer for a startup within the Software Engineering Institute.

I was tasked with helping them to define a voice and both an internal and external communications structure.

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While there, I realized that I wanted to explore the field of international communications. Once I decided that working abroad was a necessary next step in my career, I applied to jobs in a different country every night via LinkedIn.

When a company in Japan made me the best offer, I got the blessing of the C-Suite that had helped me jumpstart my career, sold everything, and moved.

This role has allowed me to interview innovators, create content for every aspect of a city-sponsored website, and connect with startups around the world.

In addition to this role as it is only part-time, I??? If you are interested in working with me on a project, don??? I have a long track record of developing compelling, genuine content that creates a positive public image for companies in many countries.

In the meantime, please peruse my site and don??? Alexa Fukuoka Favorite Quotes "She seems to be able to find the white space that exists in the organization and takes the initiative to connect those disjoint pieces.

Additionally she has the perspective and takes ownership of issues to ensure they are getting done, with little to no direction. Keep up the great service.Learning online reviews of might give you a better idea of what you may face there.

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We analysed reviews from different sources and found out that this domain has mostly positive reviews. How to Write a Small-Business Profile. By Colleen DeBaise October 13, Entrepreneurs are a fascinating lot.

Think of the computer whiz who invented a social network from his college dorm or the traveling salesman who turned fast-food burgers into the world’s most popular restaurant chain. About us. Mediabistro is dedicated to connecting talented media pros with today's best media companies.

We make the job search easy, providing only the most relevant jobs in the industry.


Feb 27,  · Duncan & Blake "Suicides" Solved: The Omaha/Des Moines Allegations, Data Mining & the CIA. FishBowlNY | The New York Times Mediabistro will sell its editorial products to PGM-MB Holdings, LLC, Chris Ariens reported Thursday for FishBowlNY..

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