Major lesson to be learned from

Ross comes up with an idea to help his students learn about the Holocaust. He creates a fictional group called the Wave where students are expected to conform to the ideals of the group for the "good" of the group.

Major lesson to be learned from

What can we learn from the life of Moses?

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Moses is one of the most prominent figures in the Old Testament. God specifically chose Moses to lead the Israelites from captivity in Egypt to salvation in the Promised Land. Moses is also recognized as the mediator of the Old Covenant and is commonly referred to as the giver of the Law.

Finally, Moses is the principal author of the Pentateuch, the foundational books of the entire Bible. As such, his life is definitely worth examining. We first encounter Moses in the opening chapters of the book of Exodus.

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This pharaoh subjugated the Hebrew people and used them as slaves for his massive building projects. Because God blessed the Hebrew people with rapid numeric growth, the Egyptians began to fear the increasing number of Jews living in their land.

So, Pharaoh ordered the death of all male children born to Hebrew women Exodus 1: As Moses grew into adulthood, he began to empathize with the plight of his people, and upon witnessing an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave, Moses intervened and killed the Egyptian. Realizing that his criminal act was made known, Moses fled to the land of Midian where he again intervened—this time rescuing the daughters of Jethro from some bandits.

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Moses lived in Midian for about forty years. Despite his initial excuses and outright request that God send someone else, Moses agreed to obey God. The rest of the story is fairly well known.

After the exodus, Moses led the people to the edge of the Red Sea where God provided another saving miracle by parting the waters and allowing the Hebrews to pass to the other side while drowning the Egyptian army Exodus Moses brought the people to the foot of Mount Sinai where the Law was given and the Old Covenant established between God and the newly formed nation of Israel Exodus 19— The rest of the book of Exodus and the entire book of Leviticus take place while the Israelites are encamped at the foot of Sinai.

God also gives Moses explicit instructions on how God is to be worshipped and guidelines for maintaining purity and holiness among the people.

God condemns this generation of Jews to die in the wilderness for their disobedience and subjects them to forty years of wandering in the wilderness.

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By the end of the book of Numbers, the next generation of Israelites is back on the borders of the Promised Land and poised to trust God and take it by faith. He gives the second reading of the Law Deuteronomy 5 and prepares this generation of Israelites to receive the promises of God.

Major lesson to be learned from

Moses himself is prohibited from entering the land because of his sin at Meribah Numbers He climbed Mount Nebo and is allowed to look upon the Promised Land. The Lord Himself buried Moses Deuteronomy For no one has ever shown the mighty power or performed the awesome deeds that Moses did in the sight of all Israel.

But it does give us some framework of the man. The first is his life in the court of Pharaoh. As the plight of the Hebrews began to disturb his soul, Moses took it upon himself to be the savior of his people.Print and download Lesson Learned sheet music by Alicia Keys.

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Major lesson to be learned from

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