How to write a cheque for petty cash

I am also keenly aware of the responsibilities attached to the office and for the Constitutional obligations that come with it In this report I present the results of our work for the past year.

How to write a cheque for petty cash

At the time, you were really happy to make the sale. A promising new customer. And he was delighted with your product or service. But now thirty days have gone by, and you've had no cheque. So you phone him. He's expected back in two weeks.

The director got back, they tell you, but he's having a minor operation on his leg. He went straight to hospital and didn't get a chance to sign any cheques or go through his in-tray. Terribly sorry, but they swear you'll get a cheque next week.

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Nearly two months have now gone by. You have bills to pay, like anyone else. You try phoning again -- but now have trouble keeping the irritation out of your voice. Has that cheque been signed yet?

Yes, they say, but it's with the book-keeper, who has a whole pile of cheques that need to be "entered into the computer". Surely, things can't keep going wrong? The problems can go on for a long time yet. That computer, for example: Or your cheque could be sent to the wrong person, to someone who's in New Zealand.

how to write a cheque for petty cash

But never mind, they'll issue another one And the other director gets back from Canada. And the book-keeper recovers from his open-heart surgery.

Provided they can find the chequebook, in the mess that was left after the sales tax people raided them. Always assuming that the person you want to speak to has returned from a meeting that seems to last as long as the polar night.

Even if you're pretty innocent, you'll realise you're being strung along.

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Time to put the pressure on! Usually what happens next in a story like this is that you make a few angry phone calls. In your last call, you threaten legal action. A message that's carefully taken down by their year-old receptionist, because everyone else is still in that polar meeting.

You storm down to your lawyer if you have one -- otherwise, you grab the yellow pages and pick one. There, in that comfortable chair, with that attentive face taking it all in, you feel like you're loading shells into a cannon. They did this, they did that! Blast them, Mr Lawyer!

This takes an hour. In extreme cases, even two.Jun 03,  · How to Account For Petty Cash. In this Article: Article Summary Establishing the Petty Cash System Managing the Petty Cash Expenditures Community Q&A Every business makes small purchases each day for items such as office supplies, stamps, 85%(20).

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3 QUESTION 2 [47] GENERAL LEDGER You are required to draw up and balance the following accounts in the General Ledger of Springbok Traders December Below is a sample email you can write to request petty cash. Dear Sir or Madam (or the name of the finance manager), I am writing this email to ask you for the approval of a petty cash request, for the value of (enter requested amount here).

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view answer [Ticket No: ] assignment of cash discount allowed account: hai every, can anybody help me regarding the problem that if we have created cash discount allowed account, where to assign this account for automatic posting when we post the entry with cash .

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