Gay gene essay

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Gay gene essay

WAK's paper and accompanying Authors' note consistently conflate cultural practices with a mythical, fixed, universal sexual orientation. Hormones may well cause morphological differences in bodies, but this is the first study to suggest that lady fauxhawks, men's sculpted eyebrows or other 'grooming styles' are related to intra-uterine experiences.

That this news was not seen as grim is the result of one of the most curious intellectual somersaults of the past two decades. To generalise, the right once believed that success was down to biological inheritance. If a man became rich, it was because his superior capabilities led him to triumph in life's struggles.

The left thought that if a woman stayed poor and her horizons were stunted, it was because society kept her in poverty and sexist prejudice limited her opportunities.

Yet liberals welcomed the announcement by the American geneticist Dean Hamer in that genes influenced homosexuality in men, and have cheered on variations on his theme ever since.

I am not qualified to comment on the science. Geneticist Steve Jones is however. I found it hard to keep up as he poured out his scorn.

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What else can it be when we defend ourselves by saying things like, "Do you think anybody would choose to be this way? Why might that be? A15, February 19, Here's a pro-"gay gene" article with a twist: Research Proposals for the Twenty-First Century, Sell, excerpted from his article "Defining and Measuring Sexual Orientation: Geneticist Neil Risch Co-chair of the panel, with Frank Greenberg warned against 'genetic determinism' on the basis of today's fragmentary and sometimes contradictory findings.

A review of the book Deviant Bodies: The Use and Abuse of Research into Homosexuality. The following three articles explore three very different angles for critiquing Dean Hamer's "gay gene" study, which was investigated by the U.

Office of Research Integrity for possible falsification of data. The outcome of that investigation is unclear, but an assistant who worked with Dean Hamer on the study has accused Hamer of falsifying data, and an initial investigation by the National Institutes of Health found the evidence against Hamer substantial enough that they referred it to the highest federal investigative level.

The Search for the Gay Gene and the Biology of Behavior, —discusses Dean Hamer's own alternative explanations for how his study might not indicate the existence of a "gay gene" even if there were no flaws in it at all.


A more recent "gay gene" study, published in April by Canadian researchers George Ebers and George Rice, attempted to duplicate Dean Hamer's results and failed. The six articles below provide some details on the Ebers and Rice study.The claim that homosexual men share a “gay gene” created a furor in the s.

But new research two decades on supports this claim – and adds another candidate gene. To an evolutionary. Basic information on sexual orientation Menu What causes sexual orientation: Nature, nurture, a choice, an addiction? Can it be "cured?" Causes of sexual orientation.

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Gay gene essay

Many scientists debate whether there is a gay gene or not. This discovery would be incredibly significant because proof of a gay gene would change the opinion of many, and hopefully would pave the way toward acceptance.

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Born That Way? New Research on 'Gay Genes' Raises New Questions, Few Answers