Falling action in footnote to youth

Footnote to youth the title itself does not literally shown in the story because there is no footnote found in the story. The title implies a note at the foot of the story which serves a warning to the youth. Footnote to youth tells about the responsibility and realities of marriage which is portrayed by the character of Dodong and Teang which was madly in love with each other.

Falling action in footnote to youth

Falling action in footnote to youth

He thinks they are old enough to take on this responsibility, but after they have several children they both bemoan the dissolution of their youth and the dreams that came along with it. Teang wonders how things could have been if she'd married another of her suitors. At the end, Dudong's son Blas approaches his father wanting to marry at about the same age, even though Dudong doesn't want Blas to make the same mistake he did.

However, history ends up repeating itself. Expert Answers schulzie Certified Educator Dudong,17, is impatiently waiting for his father to return home so that he can tell him of his love for Teang and his desire to marry her.

He feels that at 17 he is a grown man and is ready for the next important step in his life. His father asks if Dudong,17, is impatiently waiting for his father to return home so that he can tell him of his love for Teang and his desire to marry her. His father asks if he must marry her because Dudong is very young.

Dudong resents his father's question, and finally his father gives his consent. Nine months later, Dudong is waiting outside while Teang gives birth to their first son, Blas. He feels young and inexperienced, a contrast to how he felt nine months ago. Dudong did not want any more children, but they came anyway.

For the next six years, Teang gave birth. Seven children in all. Teang did not complain. However her body was now shapeless and thin from bearing so many children and from the hard work of caring for them and the household. Even though she loved Dudong, she cried and wished that she had not married so young.

Falling action in footnote to youth

There had been another suitor, Lucio, who was nine years older than Dudong. She chose Dudong because he was so much younger. Lucio had married after she married Dudong, however, he was childless.

She wonders if she had married Lucio, would she be childless? She feels that would have been a better lot in life. One night Dudong goes outside and thinks about his life. He wants to have the wisdom to know why life does not fulfill Youth's dreams.

Why did life forsake you after love? He never finds the answer. When Blas turns 18, he comes home and tells Dudong that he wants to marry Tena. Dudong at this time is only 36 years old, but he is portrayed as a much older man.

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Dudong does not want Blas to marry so young. He asks the same question his father asked him.Story Analysis: Footnote to Youth, The Mats, The Virgin, Magnificence, The Chieftest Mourner and The Summer Solstice.

Uploaded by ArjenSaulog. Prof nyo si Sir Duron?? Goodluck nlang ha!!! hahahahaha. The author of Footnote to Youth tells the story and he use omniscient as a point of view. Discuss the falling action or denouement of the. Footnote to youth is the title of the story.

It is said that it is a footnote to youth because it is a brief reminder for the Filipinos especially the youth of what a real life could be today.

It also indicates the sources or the causes why youth act this way/5(21). The plot of Jose Garcia Villa's short story "Footnote to Youth" involves the struggles that a young man named dondong has with family life, marriage and the responsibilities of adulthood.

Footnote to Youth.

Summary of the Footnote to Youth.

By: Jose Garcia Villa Who is Jose Garcia Villa? José Garcia Villa was born on August 5, in Malate, Manila, Philippines, one of six children of Guia Garcia and Dr. Simeon Villa.5/5(4).

In "Footnote to Youth" by José García Villa, Dudong asserts his supposed maturity and marries Teang at the age of He thinks they are old enough to take on this responsibility, but after they. Footnote to the youth 62, views. Share; Like; Download Shaira Sandiego The rising action of the story of Footnote to Youth is thatwhen Dodong was afraid to go to his home because he wanted to get out of it without clear reason at all.

Discuss the falling action of the story or the close of the story. The falling action of the.

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