Ethics coursework

Committee members who contributed their time and expertise to the project include Drs. Out-of-date statements were either removed or updated. One adjustment was to approach the revised Code from an orientation of beneficence do good to others vs. The entire code was restructured and reformatted utilizing eight Foundational Principles to guide Christian counselors and caregivers.

Ethics coursework

No Comments With all that is happening throughout the world in general and the economic crisis that is engulfing our nation in particular, this paper has provided me the opportunity to reflect on my ethics.

Values and ethics are a part of our everyday lives. Ethics is not just about morality; it is a complex dimension of personal and corporate life that can lead to higher performance by both business and society. All of us, especially those in the business world, need to make immediate decisions.

The choices we make need to be driven by our ethics. I was able to explore the standard ethical principles that I have learned from religions, work, family, role models, experiences, school and professional organizations, pick the most applicable ones, refine and polish them according to my conscience.

But I can still point to several specific instances of poor ethics where I clearly made the wrong call. Individual experiences of values and beliefs stem from the personal point of view, a cultural perspective all the way to an organization perception.

Morals also relate to values and beliefs in that they help us determine what is right or wrong and how we as individuals should behave. Creating a personal code of ethics is essential to clarify ethical thought, make us more aware of common ethical challenges and useful distinctions, to teach skills for dealing with them, and to apply the skills and improve ethical behavior.

I was able to see many aspects of my own life that I could reexamine in light of my own personal ethics. This paper helped me recalibrate my moral compass.

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It has helped me construct and confront those what-if situations, and to develop a framework for approaching real ethical dilemmas. It helped me evaluate my own personal value systems, both religious and secular, as well as the worthiness of role models.

By integrating the code of ethics in our personal life and thinking, we have the same ingrained in our way of working. Habits develop through repeated actions, and actions derive from thoughts.

Habits are the bricks from which we build character, and our character determines our destiny.

Ethics coursework

Further, we undermine our ability to act ethically in the future. Code of Personal Ethics I have created the ethical code based on the utilitarian and consequence-based ethical frameworks to be used to guide my behavior in life and business. Ethical decision making becomes complicated in certain situations and requires a rational approach with trade-off between action-based and consequence-based ethics.

My objective has been to create an ethical framework model against a back drop of competing interests. As I continue to test these tenets against time and experience, I will continue to refine the guidelines and examples below.

For the most part this code of ethics relates to my career in the computer and technology field and the rationale is self-explanatory. I will respect the rights of other people to form their own opinions and decisions based on facts they gather from me or from other sources.

I will not manipulate these outcomes. I will strive to communicate with others in a way that enables and empowers them to make informed decisions. I will strive to tell complete truths when situations are immediately relevant to those around me.

If any of the projects I am managing is delayed and had cost overruns, I immediately notify the stakeholders of the project and provide them valid reasoning.

I will never hide or conceal truth from the stakeholders. I will not lie to anyone based on past breaches of my trust. I will not make promises I do not intend to keep or am not capable of keeping.

I shall consider all verbal promises like contracts and abide by them. In situations where I am unable to keep my promise, I will proactively notify other parties to the promise of what they can truly expect.

I will maintain confidentiality when I have committed to doing so, except in situations where keeping information secret jeopardizes the life or safety of another person. I will not promise confidentiality in situations where I know the law requires me to divulge information.

I will exercise caution when engaging in games of partial truth. I will not knowingly profit from the ignorance of others.

I shall not cheat in any setting academic or business. When faced with an unfair situation where others are cheating, I will not stoop to their level by also cheating.The comprehensive Course Catalog provides the topics of study, course descriptions, academic policies and much more that is available through NIGP’s Education Portfolio.

Out-of-State applicants must complete hour course on California Law & Professional Ethics Additional Coursework The following courses may be taken from a regionally accredited school, a school approved by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), an approved continuing education (CE) provider, or a governmental entity.

Ethics is mainly the conceptual guidelines that regulates and governs the actions, thoughts, and behavior of each individual in the society based on the justifiable reasoning and cultural morals. Health education is a profession of educating people about health. Areas within this profession encompass environmental health, physical health, social health, emotional health, intellectual health, and spiritual health, as well as sexual and reproductive health education..

Health education can be defined as the principle by which individuals .

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NASW California Online CE Program. • 3 • ACA Code of Ethics Purpose The ACA Code of Ethics serves six main purposes: 1. The Code sets forth the ethical obligations of ACA members and provides guidance intended to inform the ethical practice of professional counselors.

2. The Code identifies ethical considerations relevant to professional counselors and counselors-in-training. .

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