Essay on why i want to be a librarian

Librarianship is a notoriously opaque profession, and most Americans have about as much understanding of what we do as they have of cloistered nuns, or actuaries. This is especially useful since librarians come in different stripes—public, academic, school, special—with some significant differences among them.

Essay on why i want to be a librarian

Leave a comment Is this relevant? For those who are thinking that right now — librarians do a lot more than shelve book s.

The short story is, it has always been in the back of my mind, ever since high school, that I might like to be a librarian someday. I chose English for a major because I love to read, I love to write, I am good at both, and at the time I fell in love with the romantic notion of being a college professor — always getting to live in a college town, and getting to talk about literature for a living.

I decided I definitely wanted to go back and be a librarian, and took the first chance I got.

Master of Information Studies (with specialisations)

I am a better writer than a talker, so read on! While most fourteen year old girls were at the mall slurping Orange Julius and flirting with boys in the summer ofI spent most of my time in my bedroom building my own web pages.

I taught myself basic html and java script from a book I checked out at the library and it took off from there. Most of my pages were self expressive, containing things like poetry, journals and photography.

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Many of them had links to different websites I found interesting, and were organized according to genre. They all followed a certain informational structure, and I found bliss in the process of compiling information and putting it all together into a cohesive whole.

The summer that I taught myself html was also the summer that I wrote an instruction manual for my dad to help him upload pictures from his digital camera. This love of organizing bits of information into something concrete followed me to college, where I fell in love with the research process.

I studied English and Sociology — these enabled me to analyze and write about literature another passion in itself as well as analyze societal structure and build research projects around one idea or theory.

I loved doing research projects more than anything else in college. And although one might think that, as an English major, the joy of it all laid in the actual writing of a paper for me, the truth was I loved the research process more.

Starting with one subject in a single search, skimming bibliographies, making connections to different articles, searching through internet research databases, and skimming through all those old books to gather information on a subject was thrilling to me.

Six reasons to become a librarian | Career FAQs

The gathering and organizing of information is what fulfills me. I also love to help other people find information through the different resources available. I want to use my degree to become a reference librarian in an academic library.

I feel that my current job skills, as well as the academic and research skills that I learned in college, lend themselves to this career track.

One primary function of my role in these positions was to connect clients with information regarding their financial accounts. I love to help connect people with information and feel that my ultimate obligation in these roles was to my customers as well as my employers. However, I feel that a big part of what I love to do has been missing from my work.

As a librarian I would finally have a career that fulfills all the areas that my other jobs have lacked. These areas include my love for organizing information, having creative input in how operations are run, acquiring materials, organizing programs to help people, implementing new technologies, archiving materials and management.

I chose to apply to Kent State University because of the excellent details I have heard about the program from former students and online publications.

Essay on why i want to be a librarian

The program has an outstanding reputation for faculty. I look forward to working with Dr. I am interested in the work of Dr. I am also interested in the work of Dr. The diverse research interests of the faculty are a huge draw to the institution as I feel there is enormous opportunity to learn about various aspects of the field across the board.

The program has a lot of opportunity for practical experience such as workshops, practicums and the option to do a culminating experience in place of a thesis. There also seem to be many opportunities for connecting with different internships and part time library jobs.

I love the flexibility of being able to take some classes online. I am also excited by some of the class offerings which seem different and relevant, such as Electronic Publishing on the Web and workshops in open source software.

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I also feel that it has an outstanding faculty that would add various types of experiences to my education. Although I wish to pursue becoming a reference librarian at this time, I am open to the endless possibilities of specializations that are possible within this degree.It’s a hard question to answer.

Last week the Annoyed Librarian asked readers to answer that question, which naturally received a variety of ashio-midori.comg over them it makes me think that perhaps the AL readers aren’t the right people to ask such vague questions to, because none of them said, “I’m a librarian because it’s a calling.”.

Become a school librarian because you want each day to be different from the next. Become a school librarian because you are good a juggling a million things at once.

Essay on why i want to be a librarian

Become a school librarian to build and grow the kind of library that your students and staff deserve. These days, it doesn't just take 'a love of books' to want to become a librarian. A love of knowledge is where it all starts. You'll also have to learn the technical side of things - as technology moves, so does the way we access and store Mike Kermode.

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