Ecological awareness and sustainable development

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Ecological awareness and sustainable development

Home Planning and the environment Sustainable development Environmental Education and Awareness Environmental awareness and Ecoschools At the core of all tasks undertaken by Sustainable Development, is the need to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Most young people care deeply about environmental issues. They want to help, but knowing what to do is not always easy.

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Eco Schools could be the answer. The Eco Schools programme is an international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment.

It is a recognised award scheme that accredits schools who make a commitment to continuously improve their environmental performance. It is also a learning resource that raises awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues throughout activities linked to curricular subjects and areas.

The aim of the Eco Schools programme is to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of the school for both pupils and for staff and to engage the wider community.

The Eco Schools programme can help schools to: There are now 41 countries throughout Europe and Africa involved in Eco Schools and there is also much interest beyond, such as in New Zealand, South America and China.

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Recognition and publicity The Eco Schools programme leads to the prestigious international environmental award - the Green Flag. It shows that a school is committed to the highest standards in environmental education and management — something to celebrate and be proud of.

Ecological awareness and sustainable development

Money and savings The programme provides guidance about saving energy, reducing waste and implementing recycling schemes, all of which can add up to direct and long-term savings for schools.

The programme provides numerous opportunities to link the Eco Schools process and activities to a wide range of curriculum subjects and areas: Involvement will also highlight links to How Good is Our School.

Each authority will make schools aware of the local strategy being put in place to progress this measure.Sustainable development depends upon participation by the people, and their awareness of the environmental effects of their actions.

This paper analyses the awareness of the deforesting effect.

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Using data from nearly interviews with firms, NGOs and environmental regulators, we explore current barriers to public environmental awareness and the avenues to sustainable development, in the context of a transition country.

Sustainable development is our daily concern! “Our company’s sustainability, the transmission of values, the respect for the environment and for human beings are the founding elements of our strategy”.

Ecological awareness and sustainable development

Environmental Awareness for Sustainable Development - Easdev, Yaoundé, Cameroon. likes. The purpose of this organization is to raise public awareness. • Choose to ignore the need to sustain our ecological resources, as if this were separate from and secondary to the process of sustainable development.

• Fail to consider the disappointing track record of the development-as-growth model, from the point of view of the poor. Ecological Awareness and Moral Development A person needs to grow (developmentally) before ecology will become a concern. From the perspective of Spiral Dynamics, it isn’t until the Green meme is activated that ecological awareness becomes of interest.

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