Cultural differences between india and pakistan

This article is an attempt to focus on the everyday, the little things which unite us as a people. Forgive me if I come across as stating the obvious. But sometimes, the best of us tend to forget the obvious. However, spirituality for us is more than religion.

Cultural differences between india and pakistan

However, when Independence came in it was accompanied by Partition. Partition split Hindoostan into two countries India and Pakistan.

Today, the differences between India and Pakistan still have the power to tear South Asia apart. It was meant to guarantee all the people on the South Asian subcontinent political and religious freedom.

As independence talks progressed with the British in the inter-war years, the British convinced Jinnah and the others that Muslims would become second-class citizens in a predominantly Hindu India and therefore needed their own state to be truly free.

To the west it abuts Pakistan in the Rajasthani desert and in the east it encircles Bangladesh and touches Burma. The total square mileage of India is 1, It lost its eastern territory inwhich was then renamed Bangladesh.

Pakistan now is the slice of arid land between India and Afghanistan withsquare miles to its name. India hosts the third largest Muslim population in the world. This means, that despite the fact that India is a secular nation and Pakistan is a Muslim one, both host comparably sized Muslim populations.

She continues to buy equipment from countries around the world. India and Pakistan have traditionally been part of the same administrative unit from Mughal times and into the Raj. India is a secular nation whereas Pakistan is a Muslim state. India is several times larger than Pakistan, in territory, population, and military strength.

Both India and Pakistan have similarly sized Muslim populations.

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If you like this article or our site. Please spread the word.Difference between pakistan and India is that Pakistan got ass raped by muslim invaders untill they start liking it (thats why they are ‘ proud’ of their arab ‘ancestory’ while they actually are south asians).

India and Pakistan, particularly Northern India and Eastern Pakistan, to some degree have similar cultures, cuisines and languages due to common Indo-Aryan heritage which span through the two countries and throughout much of the northern subcontinent which also underpin the historical ties between the two.

Cultural Differences between India and Canada Would people from different cultures have similar ways of living?

Cultural differences between india and pakistan

While Canada is considered to be a recent civilization, India is an ancient one. Therefore, both countries have different cultures and ways of living. According to my opinion there are not any differences between India and Pakistan regarding people, culture society and outlook.

There may be some differences with South-East India and Pakistan but they are same as with North-West India and South-East India. Differences: The differences between Pakistan and Bangladesh outweigh their common features.

Cultural differences between india and pakistan

There are differences of physical environment-Pakistan is a country of arid lowlands and high mountains whereas Bangladesh is well watered and low-lying, apart from the small hilly eastern region inland of Chittagong. To understand this you'd need to know the geographies and histories that connect India and Pakistan.

Pakistan's divided into five distinct ethnic groups (largest to smallest)- Punjabis, Pasthuns, Sindhis, Balochis, and Kashmiris.

Difference Between India and Pakistan