Case study 1 midsouth chamber of commerce

An introduction is used to let the reader know: The main entity or entities involved The major question or issue being analyzed Introductions for case studies in this course should be one paragraph in length. Background This is a brief overview of the main problems or questions involved. Historical information can be used as long as it has a direct bearing on the items being analyzed.

Case study 1 midsouth chamber of commerce

Your case study should be no more than five pages long, including the title page. Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these.

The main entity or entities involvedThe major question or issue being analyzedIntroductions for case studies in this course should be one paragraph in length.

BackgroundThis is a brief overview of the main problems or questions involved. Historical information can be used as long as it has a direct bearing on the items being analyzed. Provide enough description that a reader that is unfamiliar with the case will understand the context of your analysis.

For this course, background -information should be two to three paragraphs in length, maximum. DiscussionThe discussion includes an analysis of each problem or question.

The analysis can include: In this course the case studies will have at least one major problem or question.

Case study 1 midsouth chamber of commerce

There may be secondary problems or questions but there will be, at most, one or two secondary issues. Use as much space as necessary to provide a rational analysis but if there are more than four or five paragraphs for a given question the analysis needs to be reviewed and made more concise.

ConclusionSummarize your solutions and describe how those solutions improve the current situation or resolve the problems in the case. The conclusion should be one to two paragraphs.

ReferencesAll references must be properly cited and referenced using APA format. Refer to the syllabus for tutorials and resources on using APA format. It has been in business since as a privately held company. The process for making these stampings is very involved and complex.

BMC developed methods for efficiently producing large volumes of stampings while keeping their quality very high.

BMC uses state of the art machines to make the stampings and they make all the tooling necessary for those machines. In the years since their founding, many changes have impacted the industry — especially when it comes to computer networks and software.

Over the years, BMC has embraced the use of computers, computer technology, and software to enhance their competitive advantage and customer relationships. A new MIS manager, Don Collins, was hired in and he led an effort to develop a mini-computer based system to accept EDI orders from customers and allow customer service to create shipping schedules, as well as raw materials tracking, in process inventories, and finished goods inventories.

These internally developed systems were so successful that the MIS department was flooded with requests for more systems. Don believes that it will take 2 years to internally develop the manufacturing software systems BMC needs to remain competitive. To deal with all the requests for new systems and to prioritize projects a steering committee has been established.

The steering committee is currently discussing the option of in-house development make or purchasing the EMS system buy. You will recommend a course of action to your brother, Kyle, in regards to the new manufacturing software system.

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The obvious choices are do nothing, accept the EMS proposal and start implementation, or take Don Collins advice and create the system in-house. You can return and review this scenario again at any time.

Outside research is not required but if you use outside sources they must be cited and referenced properly. Demonstrate understanding of how the course concepts apply to the problem.

Analysis20Apply original thought to solving the business problem. Apply concepts from the course material correctly toward solving the business problem.Jan 17,  · Midsouth Chamber of Commerce: Cleaning Up an Information Systems Debacle 2 Abstract Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) started out as a group of powerful businesspeople with a goal of representing concerns to the state government.

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and full-length case studies, Managing Information Technology presents in-depth coverage on IS management practices and technology trends.

The STUDIES CASE STUDY 1 Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (A): Managing Information Technology Seventh Edition Carol V. Brown Howe School of Technology Management. The case involves what appears to be a fairly routine use of information technology to support a service organization.

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Yet the Midsouth Chamber of Commerce encountered major. Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (A) Wednesday August 24, Brian Putallaz Midsouth Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit, member driven, business advocacy group is in the processes of upgrading their current information system.

Midsouth has decided they need to upgrade their information system to a more currently system, in order to increase revenue producing opportunities.

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