Business plan for software reseller

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Business plan for software reseller

To achieve a sales turnover of over 2 million rand in the first year. To excel in after-sales service and support. To become the preferred reseller of software in Johannesburg. To expand to other major cities in South Africa within 3 years of start-up.

Mission To ensure that every employee at Expressware is knowlegeable on the product they promote, and that they are experts in their respective fields. A good product will only be able to sell if the client is informed about the functionality and attributes of it.

Expressware will strive to be industry leaders in the reseller field, by promoting excellent service and after sales support.

business plan for software reseller

Keys to Success The keys to Expressware's success will be: Promoting good quality software that essentially sell themselves Expressware's experience in dealing with decision makers in the corporate world. Supplying after sales support and thereby forming long term relationships with companies. Company Summary Expressware's promotes third party software and offer an after sales support package.

They have identified several companies that have expressed an interest in these software products through a survey conducted by their representatives, and Expressware plans to market directly to these companies.

Start-up Summary Expressware recognises the importance of doing market research, and hopes to reap the rewards of their market survey which included over Johannesburg based companies and franchises.

The company's start-up costs includes an installment on the survey loan, rent, phone calls, travelling expenses and business cards, and come to R25, This is mainly because most of the client meetings and appointments will be scheduled at the client's offices, since Expressware will heavily focus on direct marketing to promote their products.

The fact that the home office is close to several of the potential clients' offices is an added bonus. Products and Services Expressware will not only promote the software packages, but also provide support and after sales service to the companies that bought the software through them.

business plan for software reseller

They will also offer consultation sessions to companies to help them determine which software packages will be best suited to streamline their business processes.

Product and Service Description Software The range of products that Expressware will be promoting, all have database software at its core.

Database software is beneficial to companies that wish to cut costs by optimizing efficiency and streamlining their businesses. The product will allow corporate sales and service forces to use database software to be organised, effective and essentially deliver ultimate customer satisfaction.

Desktop Database Software Package — This option is relatively inexpensive and are usually promoted to single-user or non-interactive web applications.

Server Database Software Package — This software package are usually promoted to companies that have multi-user applications. It contains mechanisms to ensure the reliability and consistency of data. It is run on high-performance servers and is a premium priced product.

Support Expressware's support service will include 2hours of free support after product purchase, and there after charge R and hour rate for support.

Competitive Comparison Although there are several resellers of this product in the area, we couldn't find one reseller that combines the product with an after sales service and support package for a competitive price.

There are two competitors who offer these services, but they charge exorbitant prices for it, and we feel that we have a cost advantage over them.U.K.

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Starting a reseller business. Starting a reseller business could be a lot easier and cheaper than you think! There are many types of reseller business that you could start. staff etc you may need to raise finance which can be tricky especially without a robust business plan but with the added risk you need to sure you are making a the right.

The reality of that statistic is foundational to a value-added-reseller (VAR) plan for success moving forward.

Business plan for a Software Reseller

Essentially, VAR success no longer lies in the ability to provide products to clients by being able to bundle software and hardware packages that enable end-to-end solutions across the business . You would think that a business plan for an internet based, computer reseller business would be daunting and complex.

Not so. Your computer reseller business plan and executing the steps in your business plan are a whole lot easier than one might expect.

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