Bjc social studies coursework questions

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Bjc social studies coursework questions

History[ edit ] Early history — [ edit ] Washington University was conceived by 17 St. Louis business, political, and religious leaders concerned by the lack of institutions of higher learning in the Midwest. Eliotled the effort. The university's first chancellor was Joseph Gibson Hoyt.

Crow secured the university charter from the Missouri General Assembly inand Eliot was named President of the Board of Trustees. Early on, Eliot solicited support from members of the local business community, including John O'Fallonbut Eliot failed to secure a permanent endowment. Washington University is unusual among major American universities in not having had a prior financial endowment.

The institution had no backing of a religious organization, single wealthy patron, or earmarked government support. William Greenleaf Eliot, first president of the Board of Trustees During the three years following its inception, the university bore three different names. The board first approved "Eliot Seminary," but William Eliot was uncomfortable with naming a university after himself and objected to the establishment of a seminary, which would implicitly be charged with teaching a religious faith.

He favored a nonsectarian university. Naming the University after the nation's first president, only seven years before the American Civil War and during a time of bitter national division, was no coincidence.

During this time of conflict, Americans universally admired George Washington as the father of the United States and a symbol of national unity. The Board of Trustees believed that the university should be a force of unity in a strongly divided Missouri.

Inthe University amended its name to "Washington University. Louis" to distinguish the university from the nearly two dozen other universities bearing Washington's name. Brookings Although chartered as a university, for many years Washington University functioned primarily as a night school located on 17th Street and Washington Avenue in the heart of downtown St.

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Owing to limited financial resources, Washington University initially used public buildings. Classes began on October 22,at the Benton School building. At first the university paid for the evening classes, but as their popularity grew, their funding was transferred to the St. Later the university divided into three departments: Inthe university opened the first private nonsectarian law school west of the Mississippi River.

ByWashington University had expanded to numerous departments, which were housed in various buildings across St. Medical classes were first held at Washington University in after the St.

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During the s, Robert Sommers Brookingsthe president of the Board of Trustees, undertook the tasks of reorganizing the university's finances, putting them onto a sound foundation, and buying land for a new campus. Modern era — [ edit ] The Washington University crest at the entrance to Francis Field Washington University spent its first half century in downtown St.

Louis bounded by Washington Ave. By the s, owing to the dramatic expansion of the Manual School and a new benefactor in Robert Brookings, the University began to move west.

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A committee of Robert S. The elevation of the land was thought to resemble the Acropolis and inspired the nickname of "Hilltop" campus, renamed the Danforth campus in to honor former chancellor William H. Inthe university opened a national design contest for the new campus.

The construction of Brookings HallRidgley, and Cupples began shortly thereafter. The school delayed occupying these buildings until to accommodate the World's Fair and Olympics. The delay allowed the university to construct ten buildings instead of the seven originally planned.

Louis's Central West End. Three years later, Washington University admitted its first women medical students. Compton's discovery, known as the " Compton Effect ," earned him the Nobel Prize in physics in During World War II, as part of the Manhattan Projecta cyclotron at Washington University was used to produce small quantities of the newly discovered element plutonium via neutron bombardment of uranium nitrate hexahydrate.

Bgcse history bjc social studies coursework studyguides

The plutonium produced there in was shipped to the Metallurgical Laboratory Compton had established at the University of Chicago where Glenn Seaborg 's team used it for extraction, purification, and characterization studies of the exotic substance.A psychologist studies normal and abnormal mental states from cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to one another and to their environments.

To become a psychologist, a person often completes a graduate university degree in psychology, but in most jurisdictions, members of other behavioral professions (such as. Dec 29,  · ANSWERING COURSEWORK QUESTIONS.

To answer the questions do your research and get information from places like the library, the archives. Do research using and get information from text books, websites, articles, research papers, your history teacher, other history/social studies teachers in your school, and history/social studies teachers in other schools or colleges.

Social Studies also conffibutes to the effecfive development of the learner by increasing PAPER ONE - COURSEWORK This component of the BJC requirement is work that is undertaken by the students during These questions will be taken.

Social Studies questions for your custom printable tests and worksheets. In a hurry? Browse our pre-made printable worksheets library with a variety of activities and quizzes for all K levels.

Social studies is defined by the Board of Director of the National Council for the social studies as, the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence.

Bjc social studies coursework questions

Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Social Studies questions for your custom printable tests and worksheets. In a hurry? Browse our pre-made printable worksheets library with a .

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