Bbc india business report supriya menon bbc

Roshan Salim Member Level: Supriya Menon is married to Prithviraj on 25th April Supriya Menon who is currently settled in Mumbai who belongs to Palakkad district of Kerala. Cute Supriya Menon who is practicing herself as a journalist is an enthusiastic and cunning reporter of BBC world news.

Bbc india business report supriya menon bbc

Supriya Menon Wife of Actor Prithviraj: Lakshmi Ramdas Member Level: Much to the disappointment of female fans of the heartthrob Prithviraj Sukumaran, the actor has 'secretly' married a very smart and intellectual TV news reporter, Supriya Menon on April 25th The marriage took place in the resort of the Kandoth taravadu Thenkurissi Heritage villa in Palakkad district of Kerala as a very low-profile ceremony in the presence of his mother Mallika Sukumaran, brother and actor Indrajith, close family and friends.

As a matter of fact, only about 50 people were invited for the wedding as Prithviraj wanted to keep his marriage a private affair. The media was not allowed to enter the marriage hall. Nevertheless, the media and Prithviraj's fans can rejoice as the wedded couple have arranged for a lavish wedding reception at Le Meridian hotel, Kochi on May 1st.

She is basically from Palakkad in Kerala but was raised in Mumbai.

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The sharp reporter was born to Padmini Vijaykumar and Vijaykumar Menon in Supriya does not have any siblings and is the only daughter to her parents. She did her schooling in Mumbai and later she finished her post graduation in journalism from a reputed university in London.

Supriya is a very intellectual lady and Prithviraj was attracted towards this quality that she possesses.

May 25,  · In an exclusive Bollywood Hungama interview, Kay Kay Menon talks about his upcoming film \'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi\'. He then speaks about his idea of meaningful cinema and feels that films work because of good content and not extensive marketing or six-pack abs or item numbers. The two apparently met a year ago while Supriya was reporting on southern cinema, presumably for the BBC weekend programme, India Business Report, of which she was anchor-correspondent for a while. “My wife was working as a reporter for a TV news channel. Sunil Khilnani is the Director of the King's India Institute and Professor of Politics at King's College, University of London. He was born in New Delhi and grew up in India, Africa, and Europe.

The couple dated for a year before marriage although Prithviraj always denied questions from the media of having affairs with a girl. They met each other after Prithviraj's film Raavan was released following which he was interviewed by Supriya and the two gradually fell deeply in love.

Before joining the British news channel, she worked for many reputed news channels in India. Supriya started off her career with more concentration on the rural population in India. Till date, she has always concentrated on Mumbai and the issues taking place in the metropolitan city.

There is news that after her marriage she will be moving to her hometown Kerala. The bright reporter is well known in the media industry for the wonderful articles that she has prepared to shed light on some of the major social issues in India.

Supriya has written these articles only after thorough investigation in most of the issues and she also devised her own valuable solutions in order to solve the problems.

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Some of Supriya's recent articles are about the effect of inflation on pay wages, how tough it is to find a good house in Mumbai, radio boost for marginalised women, the importance of young people's vote in India, how Indian IT firms are relocating their business from India to foreign lands etc.

Here is a link to the reporter's articles: Prithraj's wedding took place today. Prithviraj's girlfriend was met in the setts of Tamil movie, were she came to make report on South Indian movie industry. He has acted in a number of Malayalam films and as well as Tamil movies.

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Here you can download the lyrics of Aaro Neeyaro Song from Urumi.Supriya Menon,the reporter has prepared few excellent more.

Supriya Menon is a well known media personality who works are as a reportor for BBC world news. She has prepared as many articles which shed light into the few social issues. Uploaded by PriyaSri. Save. For Later.

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bbc india business report supriya menon bbc

Satyavan Patil Director RR Kabel Ltd. Report. Your name Email Reason. Jun 05,  · My father Pulin Babu lived and died for Indigenous Aboriginal Black Untouchables. His Life and Time Covered Great Indian Holocaust of Partition and the Plight of Refugees in India. Maansi Jain is a budding photographer and director.

Born in in Munich, Germany, Maansi graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Media, Culture and Communication, while doing a . Mar 16,  · India Business Report, BBC World News Food prices are soaring and pay rises are struggling to keep up Kedar Shirali feels that the Indian economy has bounced back and .

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