Aqa gcse english media coursework criteria

What happened with the proposal to get rid of AS? It never came to anything? There never really was one.

Aqa gcse english media coursework criteria

We also cover Elizabethan England and Britain: Health and the People to the present day. Mr R Marsland by email: The topics we will be studying include: Systems Architecture, Memory, Storage, Wired and wireless networks, Network topologies, protocols and layers, System security, System software, Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns, Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Programming, Algorithms, Programming techniques, Producing robust programs, Computational logic, Translators and facilities of languages and Data representation.

Each of these topics will have an end of topic test and there are two mock exams papers that students will sit in February and April. It is crucial that your child begins preparing from September in order to give themselves the best opportunity to be successful in the October NEA and May examination.

So what do you study? And how the units will be assessed? Developing Web Products — Students must complete this unit. This is a Practical examination unit. The examination will be set and marked by Pearson.

In this unit, students will demonstrate their ability to design, build and test a web product in a practical computer-based examination. Students will optimize images, embed sound, video and animation files. Students will learn to identify essential elements of html code and make alterations.

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Students must complete one of the three optional units. The optional unit is internally assessed and externally moderated. Students will work with a range of digital tools and techniques to produce effective ICT solutions in a range of contexts.

Creative Multimedia This unit aims to give you the skills to use the tools and techniques provided by multimedia authoring software such as Photoshop, audio and video editing software to design and create effective multimedia products for specified purposes and audiences.

Artwork and Imaging This unit aims to give you the skills to use the tools and techniques provided by artwork and imaging software to design and create effective graphic products for specified purposes and audiences. You will investigate a range of graphic products to find out how images are used to convey a particular message.

You will discover that you like some of these products more than others and you will need to consider why this is the case. Game Making The computer game industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy.

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Some games have crossed over into blockbuster entertainment territory, with people queuing overnight to get the latest releases.

What makes some games better than others? How do designers come up with good ideas and how do these initial ideas get transformed into games that people want to play?

Aqa gcse english media coursework criteria

In this unit you will learn about different types of computer games, investigate what makes a game successful and learn how to plan, design and create great games for others to play. Mr K Ali by email: This year, they will cover the following topics: There will be greater emphasis on developing exam skills and techniques.

There will be an assessment in speaking, listening, reading and writing at the end of each unit and a mock exam in December.AQA provides qualifications that enable students to progress to the next stage in their lives. We also support teachers to develop their professional skills. Creative Writing Marking Criteria Aqa.

Formality and writing English 1 Gcse Identifying sentence types Writing: Formality and standard English 2 Creative Commenting on sentences Writing: Textiles gcse coursework help criteria errors 2 Creative Common spelling errors 3 Reading.

GCSE, AS and A level Assessment Objectives Updated 31 March selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes English language.

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Coursework is now a mandatory part of the GCSE system and a great opportunity for students to be assessed away from the pressures and rigors often associated with regular exams and exam rooms.

FINE ART IGCSE (AQA ) Exam Paper codes: Component 1: /1 and Component 2: /2 Percentage in examinations / coursework: The GCSE in Art is a two year course with 60% of the marks going to coursework and 40% for the final examination.

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