An experience that had an influence my life in becoming a nurse

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An experience that had an influence my life in becoming a nurse

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Edited Essay As a single mother who has confronted homelessness and poverty, I am committed to reforming public education. I have a particular interest in improving the accessibility of schooling to homeless individuals, single mothers, and disadvantaged women of color.

As a result of my own experiences, I am familiar with the despair and frustration endemic to individuals struggling to survive.

An experience that had an influence my life in becoming a nurse

I am applying for my doctorate in educational leadership so that I can pursue my life-mission: Although I had many responsibilities, the role that consumed most of my time and energy was interviewing clients and assessing their physical and emotional needs.

I also generated an updated resource list that included many service agencies in the Houston area. By personally contacting each agency to acquire contact information and to learn about its services, I facilitated greater communication between service organizations and ensured that my clients had access to necessary aid.

In my present position as Research Analyst at SeaNet, my primary role is ascertaining the needs of client networks. The information I compiled was so revealing that it was published in the quarterly report that is sent to our funding agency in Washington, D. In addition, I have been involved in a number of special, innovative projects.

I also provided informational brochures and handouts detailing other such organizations that could assist with the individualized needs of schools.

I was gratified when my efforts resulted in teachers and administrators contacting several of the organizations I had mentioned so that the organizations could start outreach in their educational districts. I have acted as a mentor at Davis Middle School for many years and have tutored a number of home-schooled children.

I served on many boards and was active in assisting both instructors and administrators. My short-term goals include advancing my knowledge of quantitative research using programs such as SPSS and Microcas, and acquiring a sophisticated understanding of how to become a leader in the educational field.

I wish to use these skills to promote empirical studies in education that can help direct educational reform.

An experience that had an influence my life in becoming a nurse

Over the past four years, I have seen the department blossom into a challenging and innovative program. I appreciate that every course offers the opportunity for independent research, and that the faculty is open to student suggestions for improvement.

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You do a good job of showing the reader your diligent preparation for a career in education. By emphasizing your research-oriented background and your practical experience in the educational sector, you show that you have the knowledge and resolve to excel in a doctoral program.Jill is a new RN who had been seeking a nurse position in her home state.

With today’s wilting economy, she was unable to find a suitable position, so she ventured into a new territory and accepted a position in her chosen specialty, medical-surgical nursing.

Her experience in the American education system was a significant influence on her choice to become a teacher. “My decision to enter education is a direct result of having wonderful teachers and education opening the door for growth and opportunity in this country.

How I was treated by my patients and the company that I worked with seems to influence my view with my profession, changing it into a job that only pays the bills and not as a way of life. Eventually, I have reached a disordered way of looking at the profession. I am no longer seeing the real meaning of being a nurse and my perspective changed.

People, places, and experiences that provide positive influence are those that help us move nearer to our desired results and help us to be better today than we were yesterday.

Many if not all of us can recall times of positive change in our thinking that enabled us to move well beyond what we initially anticipated.

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The nurse in charge of the unit asks what you think might be wrong with Mrs Ch ild and your mind runs wildly through cancer, anxiety, infection and a number of other options.

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