A single shard

But you're too poor to get the equipment you need to practice. Say you feel like you could be a great basketball player, but you don't have shoes, or access to a basketball court, or even a ball. That's like the situation that Tree-ear is in. He's living in Korea, hundreds of years ago.

A single shard

In this novel, Tree-ear is an orphan who lives under a bridge with Crane-man, a physically disabled man who took him in when Tree-ear was only a small child.

Tree-ear is fascinated with the potters in his village, especially Min, and often watches them work. One day Tree-ear goes into Min's yard and investigates the work that he has drying in the sun. When Min comes out and startles Tree-ear, he drops and breaks a box.

To pay for his mistake, Tree-ear offers to work for Min for nine days. Nine days turns into eighteen months, changing both Tree-ear and Min's life forever.

A Single Shard is a story of self-discovery and hope that will inspire readers of all ages.

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Tree-ear will often stop at the home of Min, a potter in town who throws his clay in the backyard where Tree-ear can watch without being seen. As Tree-ear watches, he imagines what it would be like to learn to throw a pot. One day, Min has left several pieces of his work in the yard.

Tree-ear sneaks over to have a look, so fascinated with a box that contains multiple smaller boxes that he does not hear Min come into the yard. Min begins to beat Tree-ear, accusing him of spying.

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park

Tree-ear drops one of the small boxes, shattering it on the ground. Min demands that he leave. Tree-ear begs Min to allow him to work for him for nine days in order to pay for the box.

As Tree-ear arrives for his first day of work, he feels a great deal of excitement at the idea of learning the craft of the potter.

However, Min wants Tree-ear to cut wood for the communal kiln. For nine days, Tree-ear cuts wood for Min. When the nine days are over, Tree-ear returns to Min's and requests a continuing job.

Min informs Tree-ear that he cannot pay him, but Tree-ear only wants to learn the trade therefore he does not expect payment. Min agrees, sending Tree-ear to the river for clay. One afternoon word spreads throughout Ch'ulp'o that a royal emissary is coming to offer commissions to the best potters both in their village and another village down the coast.

All the potters begin working at a fast pace in order to have their best work ready to display.

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During this time, Tree-ear notices some odd behavior in another potter, Kang. One night, Tree-ear sneaks up to Kang's work shed and sees him carving out flowers in the side of a vase and then filling the holes with colored clay.

Tree-ear wants to tell Min what he has seen, but he is concerned that by doing so he would be stealing from Kang, so he waits. The day the royal emissary arrives, all the potters set up stalls on the beach filled with their work. Min's is the smallest display but it is one of a few that earns extra attention from the emissary.

A single shard

The emissary leaves, but will return in a month to offer commissions. The potters who received extra attention before again begin working quickly to prepare new samples for the emissary. Tree-ear tells Min about Kang's inlay work. Min immediately begins creating inlays in his own pottery.

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However, after the pottery is fired in the kiln, it all comes out with brown stains that sometimes appear in the finish. Min breaks them all and prepares to start over.

A single shard

Unfortunately, the emissary arrives before he can create anything new. The emissary offers to give Min a commission if he can bring a sample to the capital city, but Min confesses that he believes he is too old for such a trip.Living under a bridge in a twelfth-century Korean village, the orphan Tree-ear dreams of becoming a potter.

How can he convince master potter Min that he deserves a chance? Out of love and loyalty, the twelve-year-old hero of this Newbery Award-winning novel undertakes a dangerous mission. At every turn in the road, challenges and complications test his intelligence, courage and determination.

But Tree-ear is determined to prove himself — even if it means taking a long, solitary journey on foot to present Min’s work in the hope of a royal commission even if it means arriving at the royal court with nothing to show but a single celadon shard/5().

A Single Shard is a book about the character Tree-Ear an orphan raised by another character Crane-Man. The story really starts when the master potter Min is introduced to the story when Tree-Ear is caught admiring Min’s /5().

A Single Shard Clarion Books, Ages 9 and up Reviews “Park (Seesaw Girl) molds a moving tribute to perseverance and creativity in this finely etched novel set in mid- to lateth-century Korea.

In Ch'ul'po, a potter's village, Crane-man (so called because of one shriveled leg) raises year-old orphan Tree-Ear (named for a mushroom that grows ‘without benefit of parent-seed’). “In this tale of courage and devotion, a single shard from a celadon vase changes the life of a young boy and his master.

In 12th-century Korea, the village of Ch'ulp'o is famous for its pottery. The orphan Tree-ear spends his days foraging for food for himself and Crane-man, a lame straw weaver who has cared for him for many years.

A Single Shard is a book about the character Tree-Ear an orphan raised by another character Crane-Man. The story really starts when the master potter Min is introduced to the story when Tree-Ear is caught admiring Min’s pottery and Min thought Tree-Ear was stealing.4/4.

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