A self balancing quadcopter design with autonomous

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Photo by Hep Svadja Build this project and more in Make: Ready to level-up your robot skills? The goal was to create a nontraditional vehicle capable of quickly navigating an obstacle course including multiple turns, bumpy terrain, gallon drums, and ramps.

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I chose a surplus APM 2. The build is straightforward and the software is free and open source, based on the ArduPilot system developed by the DIY Drones community. The heart of a self-balancing bot is the IMU or inertial measurement unit, consisting of 3-axis rate gyros, accelerometers, and magnetometers.

These 9 sensors are sampled up to 1, times per second and integrated with a piece of code called the DCM direction-cosine-matrix algorithma mathematical filter that combines the best attributes of each sensor. How to Make a Robot Balance An inverted pendulum balance-bot is inherently unstable.

Conveniently, the high center of gravity creates a large moment of inertia that slows the rate at which it will fall.

A self balancing quadcopter design with autonomous

We can leverage this slow fall by continually moving the wheels under the vehicle as it falls. If it leans forward, the wheels roll forward to counteract the fall. The proportional term takes the angle error of the bot and sends that scaled value to the motors, to keep the wheels rolling into the fall.

The integral term is used the same way, but is the sum of all angle errors over time and helps to cancel out center-of-gravity issues. The derivative term is critical. Make It Travel A simplistic bot just leans into the direction of travel.

This works for a while, but the bot constantly accelerates and soon falls over A. If the bot tries to right itself, forward motion stops. Instead we need to move forward while rolling vertically B.

A self balancing quadcopter design with autonomous

The first step is to make the wheels rotate at the desired speed while leaving enough power to keep the bot balanced and perfectly upright.

Next we take the velocity of the wheels and feed that forward into the desired speed. This gives the bot the ability to resist rapid changes in angle, such as a person trying to push the bot over. This algorithm was developed through observation of how people balance when being pushed.

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For example, a lineman in a football game throws his leg back and leans in when hit.Wireless Control Quad copter Self-Balancing System ashio-midori.com1, Ayush Gautam2, Prateek Gautam3, Mukul Kapoor4 Fig.1 Whole structure of rotations in quadcopter The Design.

April , Volume 2, Issue 4 JETIR (ISSN) While the initial goal of creating an autonomous quad copter capable of sensing obstacles was not reached in ten. Honda Just Invented a Self-Balancing Motorcycle That Never Falls Over. The Honda Riding Assist concept motorcycle keeps itself upright at a stop or during low-speed maneuvers.

These projects were produced in the five weeks of ECE each year. The microcontroller is the Microchip PIC32 series programmed with MPLABX.

Before , we used AVR and WINAVR/GCC compiler.

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The self-balancing BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT concept motorcycle is unveiled on the last of four international stops of the 'Iconic Impulses' event, celebrating years of BMW, in Santa Monica.

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Building a self balancing bot